First of all I want you to read this article on “Why MMA (mixed martial arts) is wrong according to someone called MODI at Here’s the part of the article called “Why MMA is wrong”:

“MMA is violence’s greatest reality show. Yes, there are other examples — but even pro wrestling and TV are fake. And viewers KNOW they are fake. MMA supporters make a good very case that it is not more dangerous to the fighters than boxing, football, and other sports — but they are missing the point. The real issue is whether it is more dangerous to the VIEWERS as other sports. The brutal imagery IS barbaric and brings out the very worst in us — and our society. And now it is mainstream. Yes, imagery and marketing matters. The Internet clips that made Kimbo Slice such a phenomena in the first place matter. The symbolic “cage” matters. The “animal” references matter. The striking opponents while they are defenseless on the ground matters. The knees to the face matter. The excessive blood matters. It matters when fighters like James Thompson walking with grotesque “cauliflower ear” only to be popped into a pool of blood by the right and intentional strategic blow. It matters when CBS announcers excitedly exclaim “He batted that ear like a piñata!” It matters even more when kids are watching. And it matters when the spectacle is given legitimacy by the Executive Director — David Dinkins Jr. and son of New York City mayor. All of it matters, whether the fighter is seriously injured or not.”

Seriously? Seriously? This guy doesn’t even take the usual argument that it’s dangerous for the fighters but it’s dangerous to the VIEWERS. He says, “The real issue is whether it is more dangerous to the VIEWERS as other sports. The brutal imagery IS barbaric and brings out the very worst in us — and our society ” This is the same type of mentality that likes to ban video games and the type of person who thinks just because you see something you’re going to go around reenacting it uncontrollably with no free will whatsoever. “The brutal imagery is barbaric and brings out the worst in us,” he says. The “cage matters” and the “animal references” matter, he says. I can’t even describe how ignorant this guy’s argument is. How much you wanna bet this dude is a die-hard Bible Belt Republican? This article is just so completely ignorant it really doesn’t deserve a response but the only reason I posted it is because I find it downright fascinating that people like this actually exist. He says the images could be bad for kids. Then don’t let your kids watch if you feel like that Einstein. It comes on pretty late Saturday Night. If you can’t explain to them the skills involved in an intelligent way then put them to bed. The author of this article acts like the whole country is full of clueless people who can’t think for themselves but whatever they witness they must blindly mimic like a parrott.

According to the author, we are being corrupted by this violent sport. Bullshit! Bull Fucking Shit! This is not a communist country you asshole. People have the right to train and be professional mixed martial artists; yes even women you fuck! This dude probably tinks women should stay home and cook, clean, and have babies. I can’t even imagine what he thinks of women mixed martial artists. I really encourage you guys to leave a response to this knucklehead. I just posted that one part of the article. He has alot more to say if you can stomach it. Read the section called “MMA Exposed” also. It is equally senseless. But let him know what you think. Here’s the website location of this article:

3 thoughts on ““WHY MMA IS WRONG!” – The worst article I have ever read”
  1. what a tool. That is a pretty weak argument. Dangerous to the viewer? Knees to the head? Yeah only in icon title fights in hawaii. Nowhere else in the US…so what the hell is he talking about?

  2. why would kids be watching after 9:00 pm.
    my kids are in bed.
    people who think the public isn’t smart enough to figure out what they want to watch are pathetic.
    people who think the public is not in control of thier own actions and will act on anything they see are even more pathetic.
    i hope he don’t watch hockey. the first time i took my daughter to the local hockey game i had to explian why they were fighting and why no one was stopping it.
    where is the outrage about that, why isn’t that turning kids into goons?
    i hope he don’t let his kids watch the evening news or even face the reality of life as we know it today.
    i think home schooling is inline this guy, who knows what his kids might see in a public school.
    what a moroon(in a bugs bunny voice)

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