Watch Tina Fey and Amy Poehler slam Bill Cosby at Globes

For the love of all that is holy Mr. Cosby, Bill to be exact, has had his image decimated more times in the last month than anyone not named Obama. The allegations of drugging women and taking advantage of them has sparked a lot of outrage and backlash. Cosby once ruled the world while starring … Read more

Stop looking for Jesus, War Machine has found him

Ladies and gentleman – War  Machine has found Jesus. Stop looking. Recently the troubled former MMA fighter has been reflecting on his life spending time in prison for allegedly, ok we all know he did it, beating his porn star girlfriend, Christy Mack. Check out what he has written lately. Source: His insane Twitter feed! … Read more

Dana White talks Brock’s return, Silva title shot, Jones in video

We posted the quotes from Dana White’s Fox Sports 1 UFC Tonight appearance, now check out the video. Quotes from the previous article we posted. White on Anderson Silva vs. Nick Diaz: “It’s an interesting fight. After the injury, where is Anderson going to be mentally? He does the right thing and is going to be in … Read more

Pro MMA friend Spider Ben invokes alternate realities from comics rant

ProMMANow friend Ben Bennett aka Spider-Ben returns in another short from legendary geek culture shop Moonlite Comics with our own Sean McClure. Sean is legitimately biding his time until a possible TV series written and directed by him is accepted or denied. The TV series starts filming in Spring and may air in the fall … Read more

Marvel finally drops Ant-Man teaser, looks good so far

Marvel finally dropped the full sized, full length trailer for 2015’s Ant-Man starring Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas. Ant-Man was always a one off Avenger until Marvel figured out he had potential. We will now see if they have realized that potential. Check out the official trailer for Ant-Man. Please like & share:

Pissed off RAW review: THE 5 reasons WWE sucks HARD right now

  Where to even begin. The Jan 5th RAW was so poorly thought out, so poorly booked that I can only imagine the turds WWE has hired to run the behind the scenes happenings. WWE staff dismisses critical reviews because it’s easy, but if they would start putting value in some of the major sites … Read more

7 examples of ‘This guy’ is to ‘that guy’ of ‘that weight class’

We love comparisons and in this article I look at similar fighters in different divisions. It could be reputations, records, statuses, or anything else that makes them equal in those regards. Here we go! Gilbert Melendez is to 155 what Rashad Evans is at 205, elite but not the top guy These two guys account … Read more

No disciplinary action for Claudia Gadelha says Arizona Commission

At the end of a tough 3-round war on the preliminary card of UFC on FOX 13, Claudia Gadelha punched Joanna Jedrzejczyk clearly after the final bell sounded. Immediately after the punch to Jedrzejczyk, Gadelha extended her hand and apologized for the unintentional infraction. Apparently, it was that quick apology that likely saved Gadelha from … Read more

Mark Hamill on Force Awakens spies, trailer, and reactions

In case you have been living under a rock there’s a new Star Wars coming in 2015 called “The Force Awakens. Mark Hamill aka Luke Skywalker in the films has been more  open to the press as the date draws closer. Mark Hamill spoke with with The Chicago Sun-Times and explained the tight security on set after several … Read more