MABS: Fat guy uses the force in EFO system video FAIL

derp karate

Welcome to another edition of MABS, Martial Arts Bullsh**.

EFO (Empty Force) is one of my favorite things to watch in all of the world in terms of delusional martial arts systems. It is a cult of belief where in the instructor pre-conditions students as they progress to believe he can manipulate them without touching them. If someone is used as a test dummy long enough for self defense they will become familiar with what’s expected of them and willingly submit.

I have seen this in action. The students are told what will happen and then they are the recipient of the defense move. Very simple concept and one that revolves around control. I was in an organization where I was guilty of being controlled and being the controller. Once you are out of it you can clearly see what was happening. Unfortunately the students here will not be able to break this habit until they figure it out for themselves. Once you have emotionally accepted things that you intellectually accept to be false you are hooked. If the environment is fun for example, or there is something you like about a situation you will tolerate the faults. Kind of like marriage, huh? ZING!

Do I believe chi is a mystical force that can be used to perform Jedi like self defense?


Watch what happens when the instructor at a seminar in Barcelona attempts t0 show a skeptic/non-student how his invisible powers work. Imagine being the students who believe this stuff works and then try it in a real fight…Then watch the fail. We apologize in advance, enjoy!

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