CSAC drops hammer on weight cutting, dehydration

ufc 171-hendricks misses weight

The California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) has stepped up their efforts to eliminate extreme weight cutting when it gathered for a special session last December. The fears are warranted that an athlete could die from such drastic methods to make weight. Athletes have died before from dehydration and are reportedly more susceptible to concussions. CSAC handed down emergency regulations on Tuesday (Feb. 2, 2016), possibly taking effect on March 1. The commission will also disallow extreme weight cuts complementing the already banned intravenous rehydration by the USADA.

MMAFighting.com explained it in detail.

Under the package, CSAC will now have the ability to collect urine samples from fighters for specific gravity tests, which detect proper hydration. If a fighter cannot pass that test, he or she will be given two to three hours to properly hydrate. If he or she still cannot pass the specific gravity test, the bout will be off. If severe dehydration is verified by a physician, CSAC now has the ability to not approve a fighter to compete in that weight class in the future.

What do you think? Is this going to be a big problem for MMA since some fighters have trouble making weight already?

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