Sergei Kharitonov picks up boxing win (video)

Over the weekend, Strikeforce heavyweight Sergei Kharitonov took a boxing match against Awusone Yekeni. The event was held under the World Series of Boxing banner. It seems like someone is trying to use the magical IFL formula for boxing.

In the fight, Kharitonov does what you would expect him to do on a minor show in Baku. However, his opponent, Awusone Yekeni, was actually a two-time bronze medalist in amateur boxing at the Commonwealth Games. The video is below. Sorry for the quality, YouTube giveth and YouTube taketh away.

Sergei Kharitonov vs. Awusone Yekeni

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  • that was pathetic


    Kharitonov is just banging people

  • edub

    Hahaha, world seires of boxing was supposed to be used for amateurs. Now it has guys like Kharitonov competing? Whatever makes you a buck I guess.

    My guess is barnett taps him in 4 minutes if he gets sanctioned (after beating Rogers).

  • 4 minutes? Come on. Barnett went three rounds with Gilbert Yvel. Hell, even Mighty Mo made it 4:41!

  • edub

    Haha good points. After the Monson fight I don’t think Kharitonov likes to be on the ground anymore though.

  • Looking at Monson makes me want to tap

  • edub

    Looking at Monson makes me want to discuss socialism with him.