Coach Greg Jackson gives his thoughts on Jon Jones‘ victory over Mauricio “Shogun” Rua Saturday night at UFC 128 in Newark, N.J.

He says it is a bittersweet moment for him as now two of his students, Jones and Rashad Evans, have to fight each other.

Jackson says he won’t have anything to do with the fight, won’t corner either fighter and probably won’t even go to the event unless one of his other fighters is on the card.

Jackson also reacts upon hearing for the first time that Rashad Evans said he is “done with Jackson’s” and plans to leave the camp. He says he hopes Evans doesn’t mean it and it’s just emotion talking.

In this interview, Evans says he is “done with Jackson’s.”

One thought on “Greg Jackson talks about Jon Jones vs. Rashad Evans”
  1. John Jones is an excellent fighter so much natural talent and ability. Pleasure to watch him fight so kudos on is win. Bittersweet about Shoguns loss as he is one of my favorite fighters. He’ll be back though. As for Rashad quitting Jacksons camp I hope that is just the emotion. Greg Jackson is a man of integrity and said he wouldn’t coach or corner either of them. Best of luck to both these guys in there next fight and there careers.

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