New Iron Fist featurette shows off new fighting style

Iron Fist season 1 was not exactly a critical success and the fans weren’t much happier. The fights were lackluster, the story was bland, and the depth to the character of Danny Rand aka Iron Fist was not there. It looks like Marvel may have gotten their heads out of their butts and listened to the criticism. Check out the new featurette they dropped for season 2.

Netflix nails Daredevil in new trailer released today

Ben Affleck. Daredevil. Fail. Those three words go together no matter who mentions the ill fated 2003 attempt to bring the character to life. Bad acting, poor costume choices, superhuman agility mixed with Spider Man type powers. It was a mess of a film although I did like some of it I will ashamedly admit. … Read more

Amazon launches game console and streaming set-top box

I already use Amazon on my Xbox One, and before that my Playstation 3, to watch movies or catch-up on old TV shows I missed. They are kind of like Netflix on steroids when it comes to things you want to watch. Well, now they have released their own set-top box that streams TV series and movies, but also serve as a gaming console.