“The Ultimate Fighter: Team Nogueira vs. Team Mir”- Episode 4 Re-Cap

By Denny “The Mad One” Hodge

Tonight it’s the Lightweights that take center stage, and not just as it relates to the fight for this week. The show starts with the guys watching UFC 84: Ill Will, with BJ Penn vs. Sean Sherk. It’s not long during the viewing before the “Junie and Shane Nelson Show” overshadows the pay per view event. The fun starts with a bottle of wine then quickly escalates to shots of Tequila. Junie starts antagonizing anybody from the Red team, by talking smack and throwing peanuts at anyone within throwing range.

Soon after, Junie is moving to the light heavyweights and starts talking smack to Kyle Kingsbery. Kyle throws peanuts back at Junie in retaliation, and Junie follows up with a nice drink to Kyle’s face followed by the glass itself. The glass breaks and cuts Kyle on his arm and we are off to the races.

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Wanderlei/Rampage III is on for UFC 92

Yahoo Sports has recently confirmed three huge fights for UFC 92 through Dana White himself. UFC 92 is set to take place on December 27th from the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas and with this recent announcement promises to be on of the most stacked cards to date.

As promised Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira will defend his UFC interim heavyweight championship against Frank Mir in a bout where the winner will face the man left standing in the upcoming Randy Couture/Brock Lesnar matchup to decide once and for all who the true heavyweight champion of the UFC really is.

Forrest Griffin will defend his newly acquired light heavyweight championship against “Sugar” Rashad Evans. These two former TUF champions are both coming off of the biggest wins in their careers and both are looking to prove to the world that their last victory was far from a fluke.

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TUF 8 – Episode 3 Re-cap

By Denny “The Mad One” Hodge

The 32 has been trimmed to 16, and those 16 earned their way into the TUF House. The episode starts with some background on some of the fighters, then it’s on to the injury update with one LW and one LHW, and their fractured noses. Both Brian McLaughlin and Karn Grigoryan know that there is a possibility that for now, their UFC dreams may be over. Dana lets both fighters know that the NSAC has decided that they cannot compete, and that they have been placed on 180-day suspensions. As a result both must go home, and they respond with some serious silence and stalling prompting Dana to tell them, “You got to walk out that door, there.”

With that business complete, the replacement fighters are to be named and Light-Heavyweight Kyle Kingsbury is the first to be named. The replacement for the LW’s will be a “mystery” fighter, and the coaches agree that he will be the last pick following the team selections.

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TUF 8 – Team Nogueira vs. Team Mir Episode 2 Recap

By Denny “The Mad One” Hodge

The show wastes no time getting to action with Wesley Murch from the UK matching up against John Polakowski in a Lightweight fight. Murch quotes Churchill in his pre fight interview, while Polakowski comments on his ADHD, but nothing controversial like week 1 and Aquilar‘s comments.

Round 1- The fight begins with Murch looking for a takedown, and Polakowski sprawling. The fighters are quickly back on their feet and clinching against the fence. Polakowski goes for a trip but ends up on his back with Murch looking to drop some bombs from the top. Polakowski looking to create some space to get back to his feet, but Murch maintains top position. Murch goes for a leg, and works on a heel hook with Mir shouting instructions from outside the octagon. Polakowski ends up on top, and looks to pass the guard and ends up in side control. Polakowski backs off to get the fight back standing, and Murch nearly gets clipped with a big right, prompting him to look for a takedown. The fighters are back on their feet in the clinch again along the cage. Polakowski takes a step back, and as Murch ducks in for a takedown he gets caught with a knee.

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TUF 8 Recap – Episode 1

Courtesy of UFC.Com
Courtesy of UFC.Com

By Denny “The Mad One” Hodge

This should have been posted last evening, but I had the privilege of watching the show with members of my gym at Guardian MMA, which included one of the fighters from Season 8, Shane Primm . We’ve all been looking forward to seeing one of our own in the UFC Octagon and couldn’t wait to see Shane in action since the announcement was made that he would be on the show.  Shane is the fourth fighter from Gracie Tampa, and the first from Guardian MMA that has made it onto The Ultimate Fighter, and we expect big things from the young and talented light heavyweight.  That being said, there has been a lot of talk in forums on the web about Jason Guida, Lance Evans, and Joe Duarte.  Some had even speculated that the “next Anderson Silva” comment made by Dana White may have been referring to Duarte. Much to my surprise, none of these these three fighters even made it into the house after the first episode.

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The TUF Coaches Countdown Show

by:  Jack Bratcher

Tonight (Fri. Sept. 12), The Ultimate Fighter Coaches Countdown show aired on Spike TV.  The point of the show was to give people an overview of Frank Mir and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, the coaches of the eighth season of The Ultimate Fighter, which debuts Wed. Sept. 17 at 9pm CST/7pm PST.

It is evident that Frank Mir has enormous respect for Nogueira and referred to him as one of his “heroes.”  He also said that he would not disrespect one of his “idols” by stepping into the cage any less than one-hundred percent prepared.

Nogueira also showed respect for the younger Mir, calling him “a very talented kid.”

One of the most interesting aspects of the Mir/Nogueira fight is that we have PRIDE’s top submission heavyweight facing the UFC’s top submission heavyweight.  Even though PRIDE is no more, this is still one of those big fights we never could have seen just a couple of years ago.

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Frank Mir interview with Joanne of MMA Girls (video)

Joanne from MMA Girls talks with Frank Mir in one of the best interviews I’ve seen in quite some time. Frank is a really articulate and intelligent guy and one of the great representatives of the sport. Topics of discussion are his fight with Brock Lesnar, his experience as a coach on The Ultimate Fighter, … Read more

Frank Mir demonstrates omaplata on Joanne of MMA Girls

more about "Frank Mir omaplata on Joanne of MMA G…", posted with vodpod In the past we have seen Joanne get choked out and put in various holds by professional fighters. This time she is the subject of Frank Mir’s omaplata submission. Watch and learn and hope the next time you get to roll with … Read more


[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5AZsAiSxOec&eurl=http://mmamadness.com/insight/news/1661] Season 8 of the UFC’s The Ultimate Fighter will be starting in September.  The participants on the coming season will feature lightweights and light-heavyweights and the coaches will be former UFC Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir and current interim Heavyweight Champion Antonio Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogueira.


by: Jack Bratcher The Ultimate Fighter season eight reality season started shooting about three weeks ago.  The coaches of season eight are of course none other than the UFC Heavyweight Champ Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and former UFC Heavyweight Champ, Frank Mir.  Coach Nogueira recently spoke to Gracie Mag and left a few clues and hints … Read more