By Denny “The Mad One” Hodge

Tonight it’s the Lightweights that take center stage, and not just as it relates to the fight for this week. The show starts with the guys watching UFC 84: Ill Will, with BJ Penn vs. Sean Sherk. It’s not long during the viewing before the “Junie and Shane Nelson Show” overshadows the pay per view event. The fun starts with a bottle of wine then quickly escalates to shots of Tequila. Junie starts antagonizing anybody from the Red team, by talking smack and throwing peanuts at anyone within throwing range.

Soon after, Junie is moving to the light heavyweights and starts talking smack to Kyle Kingsbery. Kyle throws peanuts back at Junie in retaliation, and Junie follows up with a nice drink to Kyle’s face followed by the glass itself. The glass breaks and cuts Kyle on his arm and we are off to the races.

Junie believes he’s probably going to be kicked out and makes the statement that even though he’s gone, that eventually he’ll fight and beat anybody that happens to win the show, including the LHW’s. Shane Nelson gets in on the fun by starting in on Roli Delgado and Krzysztof has to step in to intervene. With Delgado removed from the scene, Nelson decides to step to Efrain Escudero. Efrain keeps his sense of humor by laughing off Nelson’s aggressive behavior, which further infuriates Shane N. It’s not long before his sidekick Junie is back on the scene and talks Shane into going downstairs.

Once downstairs, it’s destruction time with Junie and Shane breaking end tables and throwing furniture from inside the house into the pool. Within a few edited moments, the pool looks like the Titanic sunk in it with all the debris floating around.

Junie is on a roll calling out anyone within range, and eventually ends up shoving Krzysztof. He responds by telling Junie, “Don’t put your hands on me”. Junie is asking for a KO by telling Krzysztof to hit him. Next thing you know he’s stripped down and doing flips off the diving board. It just can’t end this way… Krzysztof takes his clothes and throws them in the pool, and Junie is back in the game. The fighters start to throw the bitch word around and Bader gets into the action by kicking the clothes in the pool again.

Junie tries to take Bader in the pool, but ends up wet himself. Things continue to get physical and Shane Primm steps in and grabs Junie telling him that enough is enough. Junie is finally calmed down and taken in the house. We get a brief and repeated insight to Junie’s life to end the night. What will tomorrow bring?

This TUF house has all kinds of things to do besides just tearing it up. These guys have a sweet basketball court, and even an in ground trampoline. Junie is seen shooting hoops as Dana walks into the house. We are now in for a classic Dana White speech. Dana starts with, “Junie, what the [expletive] is wrong with you”. Dana asks Junie if he wants to stay and asks if he has a drinking problem. Junie responds with a “yeah”. Dana calls him a “super talented guy and a complete [expletive] jackass when you drink”. He goes at Shane next by calling him a “drunken retard too”. Classic! He asks Shane if he wants to fight, and then tells him he will be the first LW to fight. Dana lets them know that there have been retards on the other shows, and that now THEY are those retards. Dana then tells them both that they are not getting kicked off the show, and that they are getting a second chance. Junie says that “I dodged a bullet, Dana’s giving me another shot so, I’m not going to blow it this time”.

We now know that Shane N. will be the first to fight. To the training center, with Big Nog having control of the next match. He announces that Efrain Escudero will be fighting Shane Nelson. Efrain mentions that they will now get to finish what they started, referring to the incident at the house.

Efrain is shown during Team Nogueira’s training session preparing for the fight, and working with Big Nog on his game plan to submit Shane Nelson. Back at the house, Junie is stirring stuff up saying that the finals will be Team Mir vs. Team Mir. Efrain is quick to remind Junie that he had already rolled with him and subbed him with guillotines, and a d’arce choke. Junie asked him to show him again that he can submit him now. This cat never stops.

It’s back to the training center with Team Mir’s workout. Mir thinks that Shane Nelson is better on his feet but shouldn’t be underestimated on the ground as he is a purple belt under BJ Penn. Mir thinks that Nelson has the advantage because Efrain has to worry whether he is on his feet or on the ground.

Both fighters weigh in at 156, and it’s on to fight day. Shane Nelson states that the only way Efrain can beat him is by laying on him for 10 minutes and getting a decision. We’ll soon find out as the fighters make their way to the Octagon for this Lightweight match up.

The fight starts with a tap of the gloves. Shane throws the first kick and they disengage. Efrain pushes forward and gets a quick knee for his efforts. Shane looks crisper standing early. Shane loads up and Efrain ducks the shot and clinches up. Knees from both in the clinch. Efrain goes for a body lock takedown but doesn’t get it and Shane counters with a trip attempt but it‘s is defended well by Efrain.

The ref calls for action, and Efrain works for a single, with Shane’s corner screaming “guillotine”. The ref stops the action and breaks the fighters. Efrain delivering knees from the clinch and works the body with knees, transitioning and getting the takedown. Efrain now on top in side control and looking to drop some short elbows. Mir yelling for Shane to regain his guard. Efrain now dropping some rights as Shane rolls. Efrain ends up in half guard with 30 seconds to go, and retains control as the round ends.

Round 2- Nice punch/kick combo from Shane but he misses with the kick to the head. Shane changes levels and goes for a takedown, with Efrain’s back against the cage. They separate and Efrain throws a Super man punch, and we are back to the clinch. Efrain drops and gets the takedown. Efrain on top with Shane pushing off the cage. Efrain still on top but not doing much the ref calling for action. The ref starts to step in as Shane works his back to the cage and gets up. Efrain throws a couple of shots, then changes levels and works for the takedown again. He works Shane to the ground again and is in half guard as Shane works to get to his feet. Shane grabs a leg, and as Efrain pulls out of the sub attempt he ends up on his back.

Shane now on top. Once again the ref is calling for action with Shane not doing much from the top. Big Nog screams “50 seconds to go, your going to win man.” Shane works to pass Efrain’s guard, and Efrain gives his leg and baits Shane. When Shane goes for it, Efrain locks in a triangle, and as the fighters roll, he keeps control and finishes from the top, forcing Shane to tap.

No sooner than Efrain and his corner start celebrating, Junie is back at it again yelling, “Just what the UFC needs, another boring wrestler”, and gets into a war of words with Efrain. Junie gets more heated and even jumps into the Octagon to settle it right there. Nog tells Efrain not to sweat it and that Junie will be next for him to take out, as the teams try to subdue Junie in the Ocatgon.

With the win, Team Nogueira retains control and next week’s preview shows Mir telling Junie that this is the second time and that this time he made him look like an ass. Will Junie be out this time, or will Dana keep him in the house for more destruction and madness?

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