Jon Jones on Dana White: ‘I kind of forgive the guy even though he hasn’t apologized’

Decked out in a Nike branded “Bones Knows” T-shirt, UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones was a guest on ESPN’s ‘First Take” Wednesday where he discussed the UFC 151 debacle.

Herschel Walker on ESPN First Take

Former Heisman Trophy winner, NFL Star, and now Strikeforce heavyweight fighter Herschel Walker was a guest on ESPN’s First Take Tuesday morning to talk about his decision to try his hand in MMA. The 47-year-old who just recently signed with Strikeforce is legendary for his football skills and his workouts which consist almost entirely of … Read more

Dana White discusses Lesnar & PPV buys

Here’s Dana on ESPN’s First Take talking more about Brock’s comments and actions after the fight and also about the number of pay-per-views sold. Dana says he was “horrified” by Lesnar’s comments. I wonder what he thought he was getting when he signed the big guy? Please like & share: