Decked out in a Nike branded “Bones Knows” T-shirt, UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones was a guest on ESPN’s ‘First Take” Wednesday where he discussed the UFC 151 debacle, turning down the fight with Chael Sonnen, how he reconciles being a Christian with fighting inside the Octagon and having two brothers who play NFL football.

Jones gives a lot of credit for he and his brothers’ success to his parents, who he says raised them “old school” and without cable TV. When asked how he felt about UFC President Dana White’s highly publicized ridiculing of him after turning down the fight with Sonnen, Jones said he understands White is a passionate guy and can “kind of forgive [him] even though he hasn’t apologized.”

I wouldn’t get too hung up on the whole apology thing if I was Bones. Waiting for White to say he’s sorry for hurting your feelings after your direct actions (or non-action) led to an entire card getting canceled is akin to me waiting for Ronda Rousey to come do my laundry and cook me dinner — that sh** just ain’t happening fella.

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