Destiny: Watch full Crota Raid get crushed on hard mode

The hard mode of the Crota’s End Raid was released earlier this week. It’s a level 33 and there’s all new rewards for braving and defeating the toughest Destiny has to offer (although that damn Corrupted Thorn bounty is quite a handful and Vault of Glass on hard mode is no picnic either). Be warned, … Read more

The Dark Below expansion will change the way you play Destiny

The Dark Below, the first expansion pack for Destiny, will be released on Dec. 9. If you haven’t bought your season pass, you probably should, because you’ll immediately get a brand new EV-30 Tumbler vehicle to cruise around on and do tricks. That’s right, you can supposedly do tricks, although the most I’ve been able … Read more

Destiny Expansion Pack: The Dark Below – Trailer and Preview

Due out on Dec. 9th, the first expansion for Destiny, “The Dark Below” will add new maps, weapons, gear, and storylines to the shooter that plays more like an MMORPG than anything. Bungie has at least a 10-year plan for Destiny expansion that will surely keep the Guardians coming back for more and more. We … Read more

So the Destiny servers seem to suck

Is there anything more annoying than trying to level up your character in Destiny and the servers keep crashing? This is the downside of an online only game. You can’t even play the single player storyline unless you’re connected to the Destiny servers. Nothing is more frustrating too than when you’re about to end a … Read more