So the Destiny servers seem to suck

Destiny_box_artIs there anything more annoying than trying to level up your character in Destiny and the servers keep crashing? This is the downside of an online only game. You can’t even play the single player storyline unless you’re connected to the Destiny servers.

Nothing is more frustrating too than when you’re about to end a multiplayer game after you’ve done quite well and the servers die before the end and you don’t get all the rewards you would have received for putting in the work.

And by the way, it’s been crashing on and off (mostly on) since the game was released.

BUNGIE acknowledged the issue back on Sept. 25th and gave some troubleshooting tips:

We are aware there are some players that are not having a quality experience getting or staying connected to Destiny, even after following the troubleshooting steps. We will be updating the CATTLE/CATERPILLAR, CENTIPEDE, BEE/FLY/LION and BEAVER/FLATWORM/LEOPARD help articles with updates as we investigate.

Here are some links for those that want more info (scroll to the bottom of each article for updates):–CATTLE/en/Help/Article/11873–FLY–LION/en/Help/Article/11791–FLATWORM–LEOPARD/en/Help/Article/11790

One thing they recommend is changing your NAT type to Type 1 NAT if it’s currently set at Type 2 or Type 3. It looks complicated on how to do this. And they also talk about possibly setting up a static IP for your console. It seems like a lot of work that may not make any difference — especially when we don’t see these sustained connectivity issues on any of our other games or consoles.

Let us know if you’re experiencing the same issues and if you are able to resolve them. If you wanna hook up and waste some Guardians together in Vanguard or the Crucible, find me on XBOX ONE at FireAmourFOU. I’m currently a level 24 Warlock.

And regardless of the connection issues, I still can’t put the controller down on this one.

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