Justin “The Viking” Wren’s “The Ultimate Fighter 10″ blog – episode 3

Justin Wren sits between Roy Nelson and Kimbo Slice signing autographs at the UFC Fan Expo.
Justin Wren sits between Roy Nelson and Kimbo Slice signing autographs at the UFC Fan Expo.

Justin Wren TUF 10 blog: Kimbo Slice vs. Big Country

This episode, in my opinion, was a lot better than the last one. The buildup, suspense, and the fight were better than the last. I enjoyed seeing more of the guys training up to the fight… but that is me, a fighter, and I like more of that than any of the drama…haha.

Way to go “Big Country” bringing Team Rashad to 3-0! Going into this fight I believe every one of our team members and coaches saw it playing out the very way it did. The fight was pretty exciting because Kimbo landed some great shots and Roy did what he had to do to win the fight… It could have been a little more exciting if Roy would have landed some better shots though.

I have to say that in my life right now, I have never felt more fortunate! Being on Team Rashad and having the coaches we had was incredible. The absolute best coaching, smartest training, best cardio and technique workouts I have ever been a part of. The team morale at this point is obviously extremely high! I felt like it was all a snowball effect and everything was getting better and better for Team Rashad; our team was starting to mesh, and we could not have had better coaching!

Leading up to the fight, Coach Trevor Whitman was helping Roy prepare for Kimbo’s powerful hooks, something he’s known for. “T” is the best striking Coach I have ever witnessed and he was a major asset on the show. I am very lucky to still be working with him.

Roy went into the fight with a very good game plan and I thought it looked like it might be over in the first. The funny part of the episode, to me, is that Roy tells the guys about counting when someone is being “crucifixed” and how the ref has to stop it if he isn’t defending himself. We all planned the day of the fight that we would count if Roy put Kimbo in that position.

In the second round, Roy scored a good takedown when Kimbo threw a knee and was off balance. Roy put him in the “crucifix” for the second time and we ALL started counting! Ref Herb Dean had no choice but to stop the fight.

Watching the fight live, I thought it was a lot more exciting than watching it again on the show. I think Roy could have ended the fight decisively, having BOTH Kimbo’s arms pinned to the mat, and instead of unloading a couple of hard punches to end it, Roy decided to tap him on the forehead.

As you can tell by Dana’s response, he thought he could have ended it in a more exciting fashion as well. This fight was the biggest fight in TUF history and the fans want to see an explosive finish.

Kimbo is a gamer! I have tons of respect for both of those guys that fought on tonight’s episode. However, Kimbo took the BIGGEST risk of all the fighters coming on the show! That right there, made my respect level for him shoot through the roof.

He has made plenty of money in his fighting career, and just as much as Roy keeps saying that he is taking a leap of faith… I think Kimbo took a HUGE leap, and even though he didn’t win, I think it will pay off for him in the long run. He is so humble and wanting to learn… That guy will be back and will be a more complete fighter.

We moved one episode closer before we get to see Justin do this to someone on Team Rampage.
We moved one episode closer to seeing Justin do this to someone on Team Rampage.

One thing they left out of the episode was Roy and I’s “Belly Bump” haha. We planned that once he won and was exiting the cage, we would “Belly Bump.” I don’t know if the cameras missed it or what but I think it was funny, ha. Roy is a good dude, and at that time he and I were starting to train more and more together and build a friendship. I am not so sure if he is going to get his BK [Burger King] endorsement though… If he does, great for him!

Leading up to the next episode, it starts to get INTERESTING. As they said in the preview for next week…”There is a RAT on Team Rashad; if you’re not with us, then you’ve gotta be against us right?”

We will start seeing some really, really shady stuff by a team member… maybe two, starting next week!

From here on out, the fights are outstanding, literally fights that will make highlight reels! Guys are about to start getting laid out on the canvas; guys either tap too late, don’t tap at all, or if there is a decision, they are all out wars where neither guy backs down!

As always I want to thank PROMMA.INFO for letting me blog for them. I am very fortunate they took interest in me and I am thankful for the opportunity.

The best is yet to come!

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7 thoughts on “Justin “The Viking” Wren’s “The Ultimate Fighter 10″ blog – episode 3”

  1. Very interesting about counting while Kimbo was mounted. I thought the fight could have been stopped in the first round. Very reminiscent of the Thompson fight with Kimbo. Why can Kimbo still not defend a takedown after all this time?

  2. Another great blog, unfortunate that the Kimbo/Roy fight wasn’t that exciting. I didn’t think that the ref had to stop the fight, however, as no actual damage was being done. Cannot wait until next week…..

  3. I blame alot of the loss on Rampage simply because he had to know Roy was a favorite coming in and Kimbo was likley the least favorite to win giving his experience and weakness on the ground. Rampage had the choice of the first two fights, why didn’t he put his number one pick in a better situation. I know all the guys on Team Rashad are solid but there had to be a better matchup for Kimbo. Thanks Justin for the great blog looking forward to seeing you fight.

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