Former Baltimore cheerleader accused of raping 15 year old boy

What is this world coming to. Why in the world are attractive older women taking advantage of young boys. Many argue that this isn’t much of a crime but what the hell is going on with these teachers, cheerleaders and thirsty cougars of our time? The latest news story to grab a headline is that … Read more

Janay Rice responds to indefinite suspension of husband Ray Rice from NFL

One day after Ray Rice was given an indefinite suspension by the Baltimore Ravens, his wife Janay took to Instagram (private) to share her thoughts on the situation: So Janay Rice wants to show us what “real love” is? If that means getting knocked out cold by your significant other then staying with and supporting … Read more

Ray Rice crushes his fiancee with a punch in elevator *Video*

Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice was released from the team today and also suspended indefinitely by the NFL. The video below surfaced courtesy of TMZ Sports, and promptly forced the Ravens and the NFL to act I suppose. Check it: He hit her with a punch and she then hit her head on the … Read more

Channing Tatum and Cung Le get in Super Bowl scuffle

While football fans at the New Orleans bar Saints and Sinners were watching the Baltimore Ravens beat the San Francisco 49ers at Sunday’s Super Bowl game, what appeared to be a wild brawl between bar-owner movie star Channing Tatum and UFC middleweight Cung Le broke out.

Anderson Silva: athlete or entertainer?

Dana White, the man who refuses to apologize for verbally assaulting a female journalist, found it necessary to do so on behalf of Anderson Silva after last Saturday night’s title fight. As a promoter, White has reason to be upset with his middleweight champion.

Silva’s last two performances inside the Octagon are not the type that encourages bloodthirsty-casual-fans to shell out $49.99. However, the reactions of those who are not responsible for the UFC’s bottom line are a bit befuddling.

To the surprise of no one, the blogosphere has been going crazy. After all, that is what the blogosphere does. Basically, the crux of their anger comes from the fact that people are under the impression that Anderson Silva has a duty and responsibility to entertain.

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