Ray Rice crushes his fiancee with a punch in elevator *Video*

Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice was released from the team today and also suspended indefinitely by the NFL. The video below surfaced courtesy of TMZ Sports, and promptly forced the Ravens and the NFL to act I suppose.

Check it:

He hit her with a punch and she then hit her head on the railing on the wall, knocking her out for close to FOUR minutes. ¬†Also, notice how nonchalantly he stands over her while she’s out, barely trying to move her or see if she was OK.

The Ravens or NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said they did not see this video before handing down the 2 game suspension a few weeks back. However, the NFL stated that DID not see the video above until today.

One question.

How on earth could the video of him dragging her out of the elevator be seen WITHOUT the footage of him knocking her out?

There’s not way because there are multiple reports out there that people saw the video of Rice knocking her then fiancee out BEFORE the league handed down a 2 game suspension.

So if those people saw the footage, how on earth did the NFL not see the footage or even ask to see if it was available?

Hmmm….somebody has some explaining to do Roger Goodell.

UPDATE: Ray’s wife Janay has released a statement following her husband’s indefinite suspension by the Baltimore Ravens.

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  1. Fear, lack of money to even eat, threats that the abuser will take the victim’s children since he has all the money and she has none —- just to name a few reasons a woman may stay with her abuser.

  2. It is crazy that we are not taking DV more seriously. We need emotional intelligence training for our kids in school to teach them how to express their anger and frustration in ways that are safe and respectful for all parties. Notice how she strikes out at him near the pillar before they get into the lift and again once they’re inside. He responds with an insanely excessive amount of force resulting in her being knocked out. (No, I’m certainly not excusing his behaviour; it’s a criminal act; I’m just also not excusing hers.) Everyone has the right to feel safe all of the time – that goes for both women and men in relationships. Punching, kicking, hitting, biting, slapping, throwing things – it all has to stop. If you are incapable of discussing, debating or even arguing with another person WITHOUT resorting to violence, then please seek help from the many amazing resources that exist. Not only do your loved ones deserve that, but you yourself, deserve to live free from violence; any other person’s or your own. In the words of Jerry Springer; “take care of yourself, and each other.”

  3. A site by the name of justicewomen has an article “Why Doesn’t She Leave?” That is the best, most succinct, and most powerful explanation that I’ve ever come across. *Salutes*

  4. She must be as ignorant as he is to stand up for him. Maybe next time and there will be a next time he will do her permanent damage. Where does the NFL find these idiots at and then pay them millions of dollars. In my book she married him so she deserves what she gets. Idiots.

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