Jake Paul wants Lebron at Woodley fight

Even when these freak show fighters aren’t calling out potential opponents they are calling out people to come watch them.

I feel like when Jake Paul steps in to the boxing ring with former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley later this month there will be significantly more viewers. Jake fought a championship level wrestler with the striking skills of a toddler when he faced Ben Askren in April and easily defeated him in the first. Tyron may be pushing 40 but he has significantly better stand up than Ben did. This will be a legitimate test for Paul to see just how good he does against someone of Woodley‘s caliber

From all appearances he thinks he’s going to do just fine because he’s inviting everybody under the sun no matter how big of a celebrity they are. His latest invite is to NBA legend LeBron James.

How do you think Jake will do against Woodley?