Every time. Every single time.

Former flyweight champion Deiveson Figueiredo got submitted by a kid almost no one thought had a chance of winning. Chael Sonnen said the kid wouldn’t even touch him. Brandon Moreno proved them all wrong.

Moreno didn’t want it to go to the judges. He managed to submit the champ in round 3 and silenced the critics. Almost immediately – as is the case when an underdog wins – the excuses and explanations began to form. Nothing will ever top the “doctor friend saw an injury” breakdowns on the forums but fans will be fans.

It really was the weight cut. I didn’t have a healthy weight cut, it was really hard to beat the weight.

That was part of what Deiveson told Combate. Weight cutting is part of the MMA game and if it is too hard for someone they should move up a weight class. If cutting weight was affecting my abilities to perform my job I think I would make that change immediately.

Do you think Brandon Moreno improved or is the weight cutting excuse from Figueiredo more likely?