Please no.

Rumors of freak show boxer Jake Paul and his potential next opponent seem to be a never ending source of entertainment for some. He faced a short, older retired NBA player and an excellent wrestler with the striking skills of a toddler. He beat them both by KO and now he is calling out legitimate fighters as if he had defeated Roy Jones Junior. I think as time goes on and these freak show fights are profitable we will see more of them.

Please no.

One opponent that might have a legitimate chance to beat him that has also been in the rumor mix is former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley. He is an above average striker in mixed martial arts and could make the transition to boxing pretty easily. What may shock you is what the early betting odds are for that fight (via

Tyron Woodley +125

Jake Paul – 155

You read that right. A former UFC champion is the underdog against a YouTube star turned boxer with no real fights under his belt. Those odds seem backwards but given the fact that this is not a fight between two established boxers I guess we can expect that to happen.

What do you think of this?