Boxing has been taken over by freak shows.

YouTube menace and novice boxer jake Paul has somehow, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, become the money fight for people. It used to be Floyd Mayweather Jr, again I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it appears that Jake Paul has overtaken him as the person to fight if you want to make some cash.

So far in Paul’s career he has beaten some dude associated with something at somewhere, a very short retired NBA basketball player, and the equivalent of a toddler in the striking department, MMA wrestler Ben Askren. After easily defeating Askren earlier this year, Jake celebrated like he had just knocked out Jon Jones or Canelo Alvarez. Both Paul and Askren received a good chunk of cheddar so good for them on the financial side, but Jake is not a fighter and he’s definitely not a competent boxer. That is not hating, that’s a fact.

There is no way, absolutely zero chance that any of the people surrounding Jake will ever let him fight someone with a decent amount of skill. Once Jake loses that’s it. He’s no longer a draw and the potential for big money is out the window because while some of the people watching support of Jake the other half are wanting to see him unconscious on the mat. Right now he has the best of both worlds and if he can put a recognizable name across from his on a fight card people are going to watch. They will watch even if he continues to fight people who have no business wearing boxing gloves.


It’s fun to fantasy book fights especially for the people who want to see Jake get knocked out. There is another group of people who take this type of booking seriously though. These are the people who are interested in the financial side of things and they aren’t looking for a good matchup, equally skilled fighters, or anything else besides how much money a fight with Jake Paul can make. One of those is mixed martial arts manager Ali Abdelaziz.

Ali manages current UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman. In a recent interview with TMZ the topic of Jake versus his client came up. He believes that a fight between the two would be one of the biggest selling events of all time.

Listen, I don’t think Jake Paul has enough medical insurance coverage to even fight Kamaru Usman. To fight Kamaru and then after that, he needs to be in bed or hospital for a long time because listen, he’s an internet kid, he’s a YouTuber. I’m talking about pound-for-pound, best fighter right now, Kamaru Usman. This fight can happen?….Absolutely it can happen, but it’s only one guy that happen, right? This whole Triller thing, I don’t know too much about it…..Kamaru Usman will eat this boy’s heart out. He will bring, back in the days in the jungle, cause Kamaru used to live in the jungle, I don’t know if you know that. He used to live with a lot of animals, a lot lions, that’s where he used to grow up. Like Tarzan, they call him the black Tarzan.

The people who would like to see Jake Paul get knocked out would probably shell out the money for this but I won’t on principle. Every time a mixed martial artist steps into a boxing ring and gives up all of the other tools they worked so hard to perfect is a tragedy.

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