Dustin Poirier and Connor McGregor have been major rivals for some years now. The Notorious gave Poirier a beating back in 2014, but the rematch which happened this year showed a whole different story, with Poirier using his incredible legwork to get his long awaited revenge on McGregor.

The MMA world was begging for a third match to find out who the real champ is, and now they have it. The UFC have announced that the pair will go head to head on July 10th as part of the UFC 264 in Las Vegas.

The event will be hosted in Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena, which is scheduled to receive the whole 20.000 visitors it can take. After a long year of restrictions and prohibitions, the MMA fans are now in for a treat, with a summer of heated action as Las Vegas slowly returns to pre-Covid life.

Who Is the Favorite?

Connor McGregor has been making headlines for many years now and his record speaks for itself. However, his loss to Khabib back in 2018 and the most recent one against Poirier show that he is only human and that he can be defeated.

Notorious may still be strong, but Poirier is 10 years younger and in his absolute prime. With Khabib announcing retirement, Dustin is one of the fighters who will be gunning for the belt, with the current lightweight champion spot being vacant and Charles Oliveira fighting Michael Chandler for it at UFC 262.

The bookies are giving McGregor a slight advantage with months to go before the fight, with odds set at -126 on his win. Poirier, on the other hand, is a +105 to win it according to the to the odds from USSportsbonus.com which have been set at this point. These odds are likely to change as the match gets closer.

McGregor may be a slight favorite according to the bookies, but he has momentum on his side, along with age and the fact that he’s an amazing fighter who showed he has what it takes to fight McGregor. In either case, we are in for a spectacle this July.

The Twitter Feud Adds Fuel to Fire

On April 14th, Dana White confirmed that the rematch between the two will take place on July 10th in a packed T-Mobile Arena in Vegas. That brought peace to many fans as an earlier Twitter feud indicated that the fight may be off.

The whole thing started with Poirier calling McGregor out for backing out of a promise to donate $500.000 to his charity. The Notorious was quick to reply, calling Poirier a hillbilly and pouring insults his way. He also claimed that he was not going to donate money to a charity that doesn’t have a clear plan of action.

All that aside, the fans were slightly disturbed when McGregor tweeted that the fight was off and that he would fight someone else in July. This speculation was put to rest by White who confirmed the fight regardless of any Twitter action between the two fighters.

All that’s left now is to place some bets in at the right time for those who like to have some action on the match and wait for July to come and the two to go head to head and finally show who the better fighter actually is. 

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