Daniel Cormier and Ariel Helwani have both had run ins with Diego Sanchez’s absolutely bizarre coach Joshua Fabia. The same coach who just cost Diego a legend versus legend fight with Donald Cerrone and got Sanchez cut from the UFC.

Before we get into that, let’s back up.

At first, we all thought Joshua was harmless and would be a good companion for Diego who really enjoys exploring pathways to a better life through meditation, yes cartwheels, and sometimes magic. Gradually we saw that Diego was speaking less and Joshua was speaking more. Appearing like a handler at his side to meetings, interviews, and anything that was getting Diego attention. Suddenly it was all about Joshua. when Diego was asked a question it was Joshua who would answer and hijack the interview. Soon, Diego‘s “coach” was reportedly handling his finances to the point where he pretty much had power of attorney.

Diego appears to be in a cult of one. You can look for my article on that very soon.

All of Fabia’s antics and behavior issues came to a head recently at a UFC related meeting. The arrogance of Joshua and his delusions of grandeur were on full display. He began to admonish the people in the room about how Diego‘s legacy was being discussed. There was more to it but that seemed to be the crux of the conversation. Joshua appeared to be more concerned about how he himself was being discussed when the topic of Diego Sanchez came up. Criticisms that Fabia is receiving are well-founded but should not have come up as a topic of discussion in a meeting to discuss Diego as a fighter. Needless to say he was not received well by the people in attendance, especially Paul Felder. it was because of this incident and a few others like it that Diego Sanchez, once a legend in the organization was cut. This is right before he was supposed to face Cerrone in a high profile bout.


Cormier and Helwani recently discussed their run-ins and opinions of Joshua. Ariel revealed that he received some pretty bizarre and threatening text messages after Joshua appeared on his show. Fabia was asked some tough questions and all he could muster was a flimsy defensive stance and some dancing around the subjects. Daniel knows Diego all too well and he can clearly see what Joshua is doing and how he appears to be taking advantage of Sanchez’s fame. A lot of people care about Diego.

Ariel Helwani and Daniel Cormier both truly care about Diego. You can hear that when they discuss the situation in the video below. Check it out.

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