Diego Sanchez needs help. That phrase will be uttered by many for years to come.

Joshua Fabia in our not so humble opinion is the master of bullshido and “fu%#ery” as Joe Rogan called it. Given what we have seen from him over the years his quest to become famous was at the forefront of his actions. He has now achieved that fame although many would call it infamy. His notoriety is 100% through managing every aspect of Sanchez’s life including the spotlight.

Imagine only seeing Ali Abdelaziz and not Kamaru Usman and having Abdelaziz interrupt every interview and hijacking it to make it all about him. That fictional scenario should put things clearly in perspective.

By all appearances he has taken over Diego‘s life and identity and from the start a noticeable and unfortunate change in Diego‘s behavior has been noticeable. Not in a good way. Fabia was one of if not the primary reason for Sanchez getting released from the UFC. The video below was the icing on the cake. It is Joshua interrupting a UFC commentator meeting to admonish them for how they are portraying his handling of Diego’s career. Never one to miss an opportunity to get himself on camera he brought someone with him to record the confrontation. They weren’t having it. Check it out before you watch the other videos.


After his release Diego unleashed a bizarre and irrational rant stating that he feared for his life. This was out of character for him and it is just our opinion that those were Joshua Fabia‘s words.


Sanchez always had a great relationship with the UFC. When Joshua entered his life he immediately was separated from where he trained and from the people involved in his once successful career. Since making that change he has come to see the UFC and anyone associated with them who might speak negatively about Fabia as evil. One of the early indicators that this would come to pass is a rant that Joshua posted, focused on him about how he felt Diego was treated. Diego has never been shy about making videos in the past but now he rarely appears in any even when it is supposed to be an interview with him. In the out of context clip below we get a good look at what was to come and how Joshua‘s opinion has become his own. This clip was apparently at an airport on their way home from Abu Dhabi where Joshua starts attacking the UFC and their treatment of Sanchez.


This is not an anti-Joshua Fabia campaign. This is a pro Diego Sanchez one. We are one of the many trying to get through to him and trying to make sure that his reputation, legacy, and future don’t continue to spiral downward as they are now.

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