This is not click bait. That title was typed up sincerely.

Like a lot of other people we are big Nick Diaz fans. Nick is an OG of the game and a pioneer of mixed martial arts. He was the grappler who could outbox you and the boxer who could out grapple you. Nick hasn’t fought since January of 2015. He put on a show for the crowd but ultimately lost a unanimous decision to Anderson Silva. That decision was overturned due to Anderson Silva testing positive for PED’s and Diaz popping for marijuana. After that fight Nick would vanish and at least once a year rumors of a potential return pop up. It is now 2021 and Nick has not been back in The Octagon.

He is still active on social media and posted pictures of himself at the swimming pool. Nick managed to go from lean to bulky in just two pictures that appear to have been taken moments apart.

Lean Diaz.

Bulky Diaz.

In all fairness, as you get older you have the superpower to be able to do that. Nick is 37 and his window for a return is slowly closing. We can only hope he decides to come back before it does.

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