Fighting Jake Paul means a massive payday. Ben Askren just found out that you can make $500K for less than one round of boxing. That’s a lot of money for fighting a YouTube guy.

Ben Askren and his dad bod waddled around like a toddler with one week of boxing training and held his chin in place for a two piece from Paul. He crumpled and the match was waved off by the referee. Because of the quick nature of the stoppage and Ben’s happy demeanor after getting flattened – claims of a fix were hot topics on social media. We don’t know about Ben taking a dive but we do know that for a guaranteed payday of $500,000 someone who just got rocked probably wouldn’t risk their health any further. Jake celebrated like he just beat Mike Tyson and another stain on MMA due to fighters crossing over into boxing was made.

Names are being thrown around for Paul’s next opponent and while some of them would certainly be dangerous it is unlikely that anyone with any boxing skills from the mixed martial arts world will get the call. Imagine a killer like Robbie Lawler or Tyron Woodley with boxing gloves on filled with bad intentions.

Sportsbetting released prop bet odds for who might be next for Jake and some are genuinely interesting.

Joe Fournier is a wealthy 38 year old entrepreneur with a 9-0 boxing record. Impressive you say? His last win was over Reggaeton performer Reykon. He is another freak show boxer. His age and wealth probably put him at the top of the list and he is definitely the easiest fight for Paul.

Of course Conor McGregor is on the list. That would be a big money fight but again, McGregor would pose real problems for Jake. The people surrounding him would likely caution against it. A loss this early for Paul would kill momentum.

The rest of the list seems like a hodgepodge of random names including BJ Penn. BJ would obviously be a good choice for Jake because the Hawaiian is way past his prime at 42 years of age and has been knocked out inside the cage and on the street. The rest of the proposed names are hit and miss.

Check out the list and tell us who you think should be next for Paul.

Please let it be Nick or Nate Diaz.

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