Harry Hunsucker has dynamite in his hands.

At HRMMA 119 on Saturday, the promotion’s most popular heavyweight and its pro champion was faced with a monumental task. His opponent Cory Moon came in 35 pounds over the heavyweight limit and 60 pounds heavier than Hunsucker who was adamant the fight proceed.

Proceed it did.

In the first 15 seconds of the bout both men tried to find their range. Harry was the first to find success and slipped squarely in to the pocket ready to trade. Moon obliged and paid for it when the champ flattened him and gave a quick glance over his shoulder as he calmly walked off. Check it out.

Hunsucker took a short notice fight on Dana White’s Contender series and despite looking strong in the opening minutes he would ultimately lose to ref stoppage. If the UFC match makers are paying attention it is a no brainer to bring him back in. They will have to wait at least 4-5 weeks to due to a dislocated thumb and torn ligament he suffered from a looping punch.

Make it happen UFC.

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