Jake Paul channels Khabib in new McGregor call out video

Internet nuisance and novice freak show boxer Jake Paul is at it again. This time he tries to take a page from Khabib Nurmagomedov’s book by using the word “chicken“. It sounds cool when the Russian says it but whenever Jake says it I cringe.

In the video he is at a restaurant where he orders a “McGregor“ sandwich. The female behind the counter instantly acknowledges his order as a “chicken“ sandwich. It’s quite clever if you are a kid watching it but as an adult – you just want to slap somebody.

God bless the dude he really is trying to land a big money fight and who can blame him. Fighting Conor McGregor is going to put a lot of money in everybody’s pockets if you have even the slightest notoriety on your name. Something tells me the Irishman is never going to step foot into a boxing ring against a guy like Jake Paul who has very little skill and even smaller chance of offering resistance.

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