Even after vacating the UFC light heavyweight championship and moving up to heavyweight, Jon Jones still holds sway over the 205 pound scene.

I love him or hate him, Jones didn’t have to leave the division. Most of us have no doubt he could have remained on top until he decided to retire but instead he chose to challenge himself. At only 33 years of age he has accomplished more than almost anyone else in the sport of mixed martial arts. He has an overall record of 26 wins, one no contest, and one loss – that should never have counted. He has an astounding 11 title defenses during his two title reigns and no doubt the number would eventually be much higher had he not vacated the belt.

Yet he still has critics.

Since his decision to leave the division the social media attacks from current champion Jan Blachowicz and in some part current middleweight champion Israel Adesanya have been launched from time to time. The claims range from Jones being scared to, well, those are pretty much what they are usually about. Jon is not one to shy away from conflict and will respond as quickly as he can.

Case in point…

This pertains to the never ending trolling he receives on social media about his choice to move up in weight. I don’t quite understand why he is being criticized because the more dangerous fighters are definitely at heavy weight. The MMA world is weird.

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