I don’t even know where to start. YouTube menace turned novice boxer Jake Paul has been calling out everyone who will listen, but there is one he continually goes back to.

Enter Conor McGregor.

Anyone who fights the Irishman will become several million dollars richer at minimum. You can’t fault anyone for trying to get a fight with him on some kind of pay per view. There are two reasons to watch a Conor McGregor fight. One is that he is a truly amazing fighter and the other is his equally impressive trash talking skills leading up to the event. Both of these reasons create a perfect storm as long as the opponent is interesting and viable. Unfortunately, there is a third option. That option is that the opponent is someone who has no business being in the cage with Conor but runs their mouth constantly anyways. Someone who talks so much trash that you would pay anything to see them get their mouth shut.

Enter Jake Paul.

Jake has two boxing wins under his belt against someone so obscure I won’t even try to describe them to you and retired, very short NBA player Nate Robinson. Suddenly, he is trying to book fights against people who would most likely give him a severe concussion.

It is likely that Jake calls these people out because he knows they won’t respond. He can simply run his mouth, get the publicity, and milk it for all it’s worth. It’s OK to call people out but it’s important not to make it a cringe fest. Sadly, Jake does not know how to do that.

Here is a foul mouth, low budget, and incredibly immature video compilation including the shots fired at Conor.

Just make it stop. We can only hope that his brother Logan Paul honors his challenge to Michael Bisping being now that Bisping has accepted.

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