Opening odds for possible Jake Paul versus Conor McGregor bout are still too close

I cannot believe they are even releasing odds for a fight between YouTube menace Jake Paul and UFC megastar Conor McGregor. Better yet, I can’t believe we are paying attention to them.

Jake Paul has been calling out everyone on the planet from organizations like the NHL, NBA, Bellator, UFC, and the boxing world. The famous for being famous YouTube star has two professional boxing wins under his belt. He won both of them, but the level of competition was bottom of the barrel and we think that’s why real fight fans find this so entertaining in a train wreck kind of way. The individuals like Conor McGregor that are being called out should and would annihilate Paul in the first or second round if they went for the kill and decided not to play around with him.

God forbid he landed a haymaker and put an MMA star down for the count.

Conor McGregor seems like the obvious choice for someone to challenge because they know it’s going to be big money coming in. For someone like Jake Paul they would be the B-side and get less money… And probably a concussion. I sincerely hope the fight never comes to fruition for a number of reasons but it could happen. If it does happen here are the opening odds from SBD

Conor McGregor -425

Jake Paul +310

I don’t know about you but given what I’ve seen I think those odds are too close. I have very little doubt that McGregor would be standing over an unconscious Jake.

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