Shots fired!

UFC bantamweight fighter Marlon “Chito” Vera had some harsh words for once hyped prospect Sean O’Malley. The hype train he derailed back at UFC 252 in August when he earned a technical knockout victory over Sean.

Depending on who you ask it was an injury that caused the loss and ever since O’Malley has been claiming he is essentially still undefeated. If you follow him on Instagram, which I recommend, you have seen the number of those posts increase over the past month. From experience I can tell you that a fighter does not like the validity of their victories put into question so it was no surprise that Marlon decided to clap back.

Clap back he did.

Vera called Sean O’Malley a bitch and a made in China version of Conor McGregor. Of course these comments were made to TMZ sports. Somehow they always get the juiciest stuff.

Check out the entire video below.

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