if Conor McGregor really isn’t going to retire then shame on him for using his kids in the charade.

Over the weekend we got another retirement notice from Conor McGregor via social media. We’ve all heard it before and it’s usually followed shortly after by a fight announcement. There is a distinct possibility that Conor McGregor could be the most bipolar mixed martial arts superstar when it comes to social media posting.

The fight game is in a weird place right now given the fact that no crowds can attend, fighter pay is being disputed, and there is a magical fight island about to open up for business. Just recently McGregor was saying he was going to fight on the island and called out opponents. Then something changed and we got another “thanks for the cheddar“ post but this time he took it a step further.

That’s right folks. McGregor who is a millionaire 100 times over received a Kroger grocery level cake with “Happy retirement Daddy” on it. No one is knocking the cake especially if his kids helped make it. Anything your children make is instantly awesome. However, this is McGregor we are talking about. I’m lower middle class me and that’s the kind of cake I would get that’s all I’m saying.

If he really was retiring he would probably do it baller style and there would be Proper Twelve bottles everywhere and his clothing line on everyone at the party.

Maybe, maybe not, but you have to admit all of this is not very convincing. A half hearted post. A cake that can be made in 30 minutes. Something tells me Mr. McGregor is not done fighting.

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