Sucker Punch Entertainment signed Derik Overstreet last year and it turned out to be a good acquisition for them. Overstreet is a naturally gifted athlete who used to play NCAA football and now officially trains in mixed martial arts all year round. He is probably one of the nicest and most approachable people you meet and one of the most dedicated which is why it did not come as a surprise when he helped lead a peace rally in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Jon Jones, Israel Adesanya, and many more mixed martial arts athletes have all come forward to publicly supports the black lives matter movement after the horrific and tragic death of George Floyd at the hands of witless/careless police officers in Minneapolis. The movement is global and individual states are holding their own rallies including Kentucky.

Here are some of the images from the past few days of Derik leading the way.

Perhaps the most powerful image he shared was this one:

The rioting, arson, and looting seems to have died down and cooler heads are prevailing. Maybe now this nation can finally have the conversation it needs to have about equality and racism.

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