Former heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier has been venting his frustrations with current champion Stipe Miocic more and more lately.

After taking Stipe’s heavyweight belt we saw Daniel lose it back to him in the rematch setting up a trilogy nicely. Then the coronavirus pandemic shut the world down and the third fight is now unlikely for 2020 unless a miracle happens.

Cormier is 41 and has stated more than once that his next bout is probably his last so any time delays are impactful. Age is the unbeatable opponent in sports meaning the question to be answered is when it will come for DC and not if. Injury delays, contract disputes, or just plain apathy wreak havoc yearly but with a title as important as heavyweight champion it shouldn’t happen.

Cormier deserves his rematch sooner than later and the fans deserve it, too. Will it happen this year? Who knows. Daniel doesn’t know either going by his plea for Stipe to step up.

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