Israel Adesanya mercilessly clowns Jon Jones over arrest

LOL. UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya has jokes for the ‘probably not for long’ light heavyweight champion Jon Jones. If you are reading this then you certainly know the trouble that Mr. Jones is in. Another DWI, related firearms charge, and a few misdemeanors sprinkled in here and there. The problem is that Jon is no stranger to the law and unless he gets the celebrity treatment he just might go to jail for a stint.

It started with a simple enough post.

He wasn’t the only one pretending they weren’t surprised. I think Jones had us all a little fooled but let’s be honest… Was this as much is a shock as the first time, or the second? This is a much bigger deal than just picograms.

So it’s starting to get a little more interesting.

and then his followers started in…

All of this comes after Jon gave several speeches about what a good place he’s in, learning from all of his past mistakes and the plan that God had for him.

Then it got straight savage…

Not even Dana was safe from the clowning.

Unfortunately, the Dana meme will definitely not be the case. Jon will likely be stripped of the light heavyweight belt and told to go elsewhere. His star is waning, or at least just enough to be noticeable. There are enough young stars to step in and wear his shoes and enough of them are hungry to do it.