Ariel Helwani…you are my hero, sir. If you can’t find a way to express your frustrations about the baffling judging at UFC 247 listen to this.

Ariel took to YouTube and let loose his fury on Jon Jones retaining his UFC light heavyweight title on Saturday. It was at the expense of challenger Dominick Reyes who – from what we’ve been reading and watching – is the one who most believe actually won that fight. Even if you believe that Jones won round three we want you to defend one judges scoring total of 49-46.

Joe Solis is infamous now.

His questionable judging on several bouts throughout Saturday evening has put him in the news. Ariel said it best, better than I could put it, that just because a big show comes into town doesn’t mean that judges from that area, without enough big fight experience, and a proven track record, should be allowed to judge it. Not one of the most important title bouts in the last few years, or any UFC title bout for that matter.

I’ve been a ring announcer since 2000 and in 20 years I’ve seen my share of horrible judging. At some point someone has to step up and at least try something new that will fix this ridiculousness.

Rather than take away from the impact of this video from Helwani we want you to watch it with an open mind and then tell us that you aren’t just as fired up for judging reform.

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