UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones won a controversial decision against Dominick Reyes on Saturday at UFC 247. The vast majority of major pundits and fan forum users seem to think that we should have a new champion. I agree.

The bizarre result affected Reyes so much that he didn’t go to sleep until 2 PM the next day. Wow.

That one judge who scored it 49-46 for Jon needs to be banned. Crazy.

Reyes and Ariel Helwani talked about that questionable judging and possible ways to repair the changes long term. I think we all know that some of the judging over the years has been head scratching to say the least.

They also discussed a potential Immediate rematch but they both echoed what most long term MMA fans already knew. When Alexander Gustafsson lost his first bout with Jones it was five years before he got his rematch. There are no guarantees in MMA and if they leave it up to Jones there is a possibility we sadly may never see it. Why would someone with a belt who just scraped by and was gifted a decision campaign for it?

We welcome you to listen to this entire conversation. It’s something we hope we get more of. Fighters being themselves, sharing their feelings, and speaking their minds.

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