Mixed martial arts as the name suggests is an innovative combat sport that involves the techniques of both the martial arts and the traditional combat sport. Some of the stunning techniques range from punches kicks knee strikes, head-butts to elbow strikes. Standing grappling technique comprises of a shoot that can either be a single leg or double leg, clinch holds that can be lateral hold or inside trip. Some of the standard groundwork techniques are position fighting, striking attacks, defenses, and pin holds a submission attack. 

The rising competition requires fighters nowadays to cross-train themselves in a variety of styles. This enables them to maintain their effectiveness and to counter their opponent’s strength with ease during all phases of a session. Below are some of the MMA strategies applied by the fighters.

Sprawl and brawl MMA

Sprawl and brawl MMA strategy are useful when defending against takedowns. It forms part of the stand-up fighting strategies that helps fighters to avoid ground fighting and includes effective stand-up striking. The procedure is more practicable in kickboxing, karate fighting, and boxing to prevent takedowns. Additionally, the strategy is more workable in amateur leagues. When the striker expertly applies this strategy will defeat his/her opponent, just like in other games like dominoqq

Ground and Pound MMA

The ground and pound MMA strategy are mostly applicable before performing a submissive hold. This strategy is used mainly by those fighters who are highly skilled in takedowns and submissive holds. The procedure entails an opponent being taken down to the ground using either a throw or takedown. While maintaining a grappling position, the opponent is a stroke with fists, elbows, or hammer fists until the opponent is entirely knocked out or submits. The strategy is mostly used tactic among fighters as it is valid and reliable. Some of the devastating strikers and practitioners who use this strategy are Fedor Emelianenko and Cain Velasquez.

Submission-seeking MMA

Submission seeking strategy involves striker taking his/her opponent to the ground using takedowns or throw and then applying some force to get the opponent to submit through the help of a submissive hold. Grapplers later try to attain the dominant positions while others opt for other posts that they find more comfortable to them. In most other disciplines like judo, catch wrestling, sambo, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, submission is an essential and integral part of the combat. These strategies were promoted by prominent fighters such as Ken Shamrock and Royce Gracie.

Score orientated MMA

A strategy such as a score orientated uses takedowns for scoring reasons only by the fighters giving and opponent to continue the fight. The plan is standard among fighters who prefer to stand up fights and those who have a strong background in wrestling. All of the score oriented fighters must master defense techniques and avoid takedowns to help them win their match depending on the decision.


Just like other games like dominoqq, MMA has several strategies which, when implemented effectively by the fighters, will defeat their opponents with a lot of ease. Some of those strategies are but not limited to ground and pound MMA, score oriented MMA, sprawl and brawl MMA, and submission seeking MMA. For fighters to win in MMA, they need to train adequately.

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