Although wrestling is one of the most violent and aggressive sports people can’t help but to just love it. From children to adults most people both females and males love wresting as it is entertaining. We all have our favorite wrestlers right? Well, I hope your fav is on the list that we are about to review of the wrestlers that gained popularity with skills that are still celebrated, loved and practiced by even children playing in their homes. Although some have retired we are going to list famous wrestlers that are still being celebrated.

Hulk Hogan

This wrestling legend made this sport interesting during the ’80s and 90’s. He was also a successful movie and television star. During his wrestling days, Hogan was every child’s superhero. He would always remind kids to say their prayers, train and eat their vitamins to be healthy.

Stone Cold

Steve Austin is one of the popular wrestlers who managed to get the attention of the fans. He holds many world title reigns and has contributed to the victory of the WWF. His Austin 3;16 shirt happens to be the best selling shirt in the wrestling history. We are sure you understand why he has appeared on this list. He is even celebrated by casinos online fans who happen to bet on him every time he wrestles. 

John Cena

This 10 time WWE champion has become a popular name in the wrestling sport. Being a successful wrestler Cena is the face of WWE and has managed to face many well-known wrestlers and was still victorious. He is also a successful actor who has featured in so many movies and tv shows.

Andre The Giant

Like his name, he was one of the biggest wrestlers of all time although his size was a bit of a disadvantage to him. He always came second to the legend Hogan. He had a long career in wrestling and is still one of the popular WWF wrestlers. People saw a different side to him when he appeared in the princess bride movie. You can still celebrate these famous wrestlers and play best online casinos games at the same time.

The Rock

His wrestling career was short-lived but this man managed to make history. He is one of the most celebrated wrestlers. Taking his skills to act he has become one of the famous actors with so many hit action and family movies. He also has his own show called the titans.

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