Paul Heyman teased that there was a shocking revelation to be made on Raw, and that was precisely what the WWE Universe got. Heyman revealed that no superstar on the WWE roster was deserving of a chance at Brock Lesnar’s WWE title at the upcoming Royal Rumble match, so instead, the Beast will be entering the rumble match itself.

If the Wrestlemania is to WWE the equivalent to the NFL big event the SuperBowl, the Royal Rumble might be kind of like the conference playoff final. It’s an event that definitely ignites rivalries and that pumps up fans every year.

Furthermore, Heyman went a step further by stating that Lesnar was so confident that he could win the Rumble that he would be entering at number one. If he was to pull it off, it would be an astonishing accomplishment. WWE fans have complained about a long time that we don’t see enough of Lesnar in the ring, but at the Rumble, we could see him for well over an hour. 

However, he remains the outsider to win the Rumble itself. So which superstar will be in pole position to throw him over the top rope?

Roman Reigns

The current favourite in the betting is the Big Dog himself, and how Reigns would love to be the one to eliminate Lesnar. The two have enjoyed one of the better rivalries over the past five years, and have main evented two WrestleMania’s. However, with the superstars on separate brands now, it is unlikely that another title bout between the two could be on the cards.

The battles between Lesnar and Reigns are always hard-hitting, and fans love what the two superstars can put together. Reigns could be the one to eliminate Lesnar near the end of the match, to set up his title shot against The Fiend at WrestleMania. While fans may be split on whether they want to see that match, it would certainly create a memorable moment at the Royal Rumble.

Cain Valasquez

The Mexican superstar debuted on WWE television in shocking fashion at the end of the first SmackDown on Fox, and it would seem that his rivalry with Lesnar is not over just yet. The two have the ability to tell a story that no other two superstars can do. They shared the octagon during their time in UFC, and Valasquez’s win over Lesnar for the UFC Heavyweight title means that this match would gain mainstream attention.

It has been reported that this will be Lesnar’s opponent at Mania, and maybe the stones are set in place by the Mexican eliminating the Beast in the Royal Rumble match. It would certainly be the most logical way to make it happen, because a Valasquez win in the rumble would infuriate fans.

CM Punk

A CM Punk return at the Royal Rumble would be shocking in itself, but if he was to eliminate Lesnar during the rumble, then fans would be loving the match. Punk and Lesnar had a rivalry towards the tail end of Punk’s run in WWE, and much of that centred around Heyman’s betrayal of Punk in favour of the Beast. To see the two square off again would be fascinating, and you would immediately get the impression that Heyman’s influence backstage would have had an impact on that.

However, it is unlikely that Punk will win the rumble and receive a title shot in his first singles match back. Regardless, this would certainly be a moment that no WWE fan will likely forget any time soon. 

It remains unlikely due to Punk’s relationship with the WWE that this will happen, but at least fans can dream that there’s a possibility. 

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