Sports betting is one of the most rampant forms of gambling in the whole industry. Punters from all around the world are placing wagers on their favorite teams or individual players in football, basketball, horse racing, etc. while the sportsbooks are offering diverse betting opportunities such as mobile betting apps for Australians.

One such industry attracting a big customer base is MMA betting. When it comes to betting on your favorite fighter, there’s nothing special or complicated about it: you go to the bookmakers or visit their website, choose a certain fight, and wager on a fighter.

It’s that straightforward, right? Well, yes and no. In terms of mechanical execution, yes, that’s how you do it. However, if you want to give your bets higher chances of success, you have to take some precautionary steps.

Now, there’s no exact strategy that can give you a 100% guarantee of success, there still are some ways to increase your chances. In this article, we’ll list 4 tricks and tips that can help you win your wager.

Find the best odds

First and foremost, don’t rush! The Internet is full of various sportsbooks that offer different bets on the same fights. If you want to wager on a certain fight and wish to have a realistic chance of winning, you shouldn’t go with any other book you find.

Take a quick look through the wide array of sportsbooks and see which ones are updated most regularly. The practice of searching for the most suitable sportsbooks is called line shopping and is one of the most incremental techniques for many aspiring bettors and gamblers.

The reason why this method is so popular and, more importantly, so effective is that it lets you find the books that have the most warped odds. When the sportsbook posts the odd for the first time, chances are, it sharply undervalued one fighter. When you find such a book, it’s the right choice for you and you should definitely go for it, and do it fast.

You see, when such undervaluing takes place, many bettors jump on it and quickly make it unprofitable for the establishment to keep offering this odd. After that, the odds are changing in favor of the other fighter. However, since you made your bet with the initial odd, you still qualify for that prize. And this way, you’ll have much larger prizes at stake.

Avoid unfamiliar fights

Another tip to help you spend your resources more responsibly is this: don’t bet on the fights that you’re not familiar with. Here’s the deal: sometimes, when you’re watching this big tournament and have already placed a wager on the main event, there are still some fights left before the culmination.

You don’t really know any of the fighters or how the match will play out, but since you’ve got some nickels in the pocket, you want to make some additional bets. Our suggestion is: don’t do that! 

Even if we’re talking about the insubstantial amount of money, don’t wager on unfamiliar fights. In the case of nickels, you won’t get enough enjoyment from the prize, while in the case of large bets, there’s a big chance of losing on a stranger territory.

Observe fighters’ fight styles

You might have heard this next tip or the saying: style makes fights. And while you might think it’s not that accurate for most of the fights, you might as well be wrong.

In many fights, the fighter’s style can be a decisive factor in their victory. For example, the famous fight between Connor Mcgregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov was the best demonstration of this tendency.

Mcgregor might be one of the best MMA fighters in the world but when it came to punching vs. wrestling, Khabib had a clear upper hand. There’s even a video of him spamming the internet how his father had him wrestle a cub of the bear. Honestly, Mcgregor? You’re fighting a guy who has wrestled a bear in his childhood?

But seriously, Khabib’s fight style, or more precisely – his wrestling style, got the best of Mcgregor and resulted in his demise. Therefore, you should analyze every single fighter before wagering on a certain fight and research their fighting styles – you never know what they’re hiding under the gloves.

Underdogs are friends, not favorites!

And last, but not least, there are heavy favorites. The majority of bettors have this tendency to back an acclaimed fighter who’s expected to win. Even if the initial odds are somewhat longer for them, after the crowd of bettors ‘jump’ on them, the odds start to shrink dramatically and make betting on heavy favorites incredibly unprofitable.

On the other hand, this increases the odds for the contender and that’s who you should be looking for. Now, you might not always bet on them but generally, bets are more valuable on them. And there have been many cases when a single punch has sent the champ to K.O.

Be sharp in your wagers!

Betting on MMA fights is somewhat similar to other sports betting endeavors. They’re definitely the same in terms of execution, but there are some specific tips and tricks that are suitable for this industry and can increase your chances of winning.

From online shopping and analyzing the fight styles to avoid heavy favorites, these tips are here to make your betting experience far more enjoyable, as well as more insightful and, most importantly, more lucrative.

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