As much as there is something so great about online gambling, you also need to take a moment and appreciate the greatness that comes from athletes as well. Athletes, just like best usa casinos online players, have produced some incredible moments in sports, most of them which are truly unforgettable and fascinating.

We can all relate to how we used to sit by the television set and be astounded by the team-work, as well as the skills performed by some of the world’s well-decorated superstars. If you are a sport fanatic, then you should be aware of some of the legends that made their mark during their glory days. Below are the legends you must be very familiar with and it’s not a surprise that, to this very day, you are still cheering their craft when they are in the field of play. 

National Basketball Association (NBA) – Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 

Kareem is well known in the NBA for his eye for goal. This prolific forward is the highest scoring player in the history of NBA with 38,387 scored in the years 1969 – 1989. The American centre played for the most well decorated NBA teams. Serving Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Lakers and scooping a record six time NBA. As if that is not enough, he was also the most Valuable Player with a record six time NBA All-Star, and he was a member of six NBA championship teams. 

National Football League (NFL) – Morten Andersen 

According to, he is a record holder of the most points in the NFL. And Morten Andersen has for the longest time proven to be the best in the world. Nicknamed “The Great Dane” and born in Denmark in 1960, he participated in the NFL from 1982 to 2007 and scored an astounding 2,544 points. He is also notable for being the top-scorer for two rival teams in the NFL. Moreover, Andersen holds the record for the most played games, playing 382 games in his NFL career. 

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