Are you new to the game of golf? As a beginner, it can be hard to navigate the plethora of options when it comes to golf equipment. Without proper direction, you will find yourself sifting through endless brands, colors, sizes, degrees, lofts, tees, balls, and more. It might feel like a lot when the desire is just to go play 18 holes on the green. 

This is where we come in. With this handy guide, we will walk you through golf equipment and how to get the right start to your golf game. We will focus on beginner level equipment – which means the essentials needed to start the game. Once you hone your style, you can invest in more equipment suited to your needs.


Let’s start with the obvious and most necessary piece of equipment: the golf clubs. You should search for the best golf clubs for the money with a deep dive into brands and other options. A complete set will include irons, fairway woods, putter, drivers, and a bag to carry it all. As a beginner, you just need a reliable, decent brand at a competitive price. This will give you enough options to learn the game without breaking the bank. 


At the start, you should not be spending a lot of money on golf balls. After all, you will probably end up losing most of them. Don’t worry about balls with compression stats or fancy spins. You just need a playable and affordable ball to use as you develop your game. An affordable start will make it less frustrating when you end up losing a ball to the lake (it happens to everyone)! 


Another piece of essential equipment are the golf tees. The first step to golf tees is finding the correct tee height. From there, you can start shopping. Tee sizes range from 55mm to 83mm. You may even want multiple heights for different drives. If you are not sure about height, you can always opt for large tees. You can adjust the size by pushing down but not everyone likes this approach, so you may have to play around to find the right fit for you. The good news is you can find affordable tees pretty much anywhere. So, take advantage of the low cost and try out different heights!


Gloves are a useful piece of golf equipment because they prevent blisters, keep your hands warm on colder days, and improve your club grip. The main priority when it comes to gloves is to find one that feels comfortable and provides a good grip. Pretty much any brand will do, but just know the name brand ones tend to be pricier. Of course, those same gloves also tend to last longer. You can always start with a cheaper pair and work your way up – but this one depends on budget and preference. 


Yes, golfers do need special shoes for the best game. Golf spikes are a necessity on the course. Your feet have more traction and comfort as you traverse 18 holes and drive through the green, bunker, and rough. Typically, a game of golf lasts five hours – sometimes across hills and tough terrain. With this in mind, you can see why a good pair is needed. Many companies, like Nike, stock golf shoes in a wide range of prices and styles. This is one of the items you might need to invest in right off the bat in order to have the most comfortable start to your golf journey. 


Depending on your closet, this may or may not be necessary to purchase. We include this because most courses have dress codes that prevent you from strolling in wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Instead, you should be ready to golf in a polo, khakis, a hat, and golf shoes. Fortunately, there are affordable golf shirts and apparel available at places like Amazon and Target. 


Finally, the best investment in your golf equipment will be lessons. These are useful to learn the basics of the game and golf course etiquette. An instructor can show you how to swing properly, make impact, follow through, and hit far. 

See You on the Course!

Once you have all the necessary equipment and golf knowledge, enjoy the game! Take your time across the 18 holes and you will soon understand why so many enjoy the game of golf. 

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