Many assume golf is not a sport that involves a lot of energy, little did they know that it is an important outdoor sport that helps to maintain physical strength and agility.

 As a beginner who is in doubts about golf and how to get started, here are some tips for you!!

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1. Choose the Right Ball 

Both as a beginner or pro, choosing the right ball is very crucial, and this is where the golf player’s guide comes in. Follow your guide duly because it helps you determine the size and weight of the ball that fits well into your play. 

2. Heed to Corrections and Be Ready to Learn

As a golf player, you must be ready to heed to corrections from your instructor or guide or other colleagues.  Listen to their instructions and always call for their help especially a professional. Do not wait until you get it wrong before you call for help. 

3. Follow your Routine

You must have a routine as a player. Follow your range of shots and warm-ups duly with the aid of a professional or guide. This allows for perfection in your play. 

4. Be Ready to Play with your Strength 

Golf doesn’t just involve your striking ball, it takes some level of dedication and athleticism to be able to attain such expertise, and hence you must be open to new ideas and play with your optimum athleticism. Do not feel lazy about it, either for fun or competition.

5. Choose the Right Cloth

Some find it hard and confusing to be able to choose the right clothes when going for their golf cruise either fun or professional. Here are some tips for you

  • Your cloth must be fitting and big enough to allow space and movement of the body especially the hips and legs.
  • Choose your shorts and polo correctly. Except for a professional play that has a particular uniform, playing golf for fun doesn’t require tight clothes because they technically hinder and slow your fun.
  • Know your purpose. Whatever reason it is for you to play must be known as it helps you to choose the materials correctly. 

6. Choose the Right Stick

This is also an important and crucial factor to consider when you want to play. The stick must be such that is light with a base hard and smooth enough to project the ball far into the sky and straight over a long distance. Depending on the purpose of play, your stick must not be heavy or rough, note this!!

7. Pick the Right Gloves and Shoes 

These materials though small but essential to facilitate play. The gloves are very crucial as they help to improve striking with your hand hence preventing hurting your hand and also improve your play. The shoes, on the other hand, should just be normal sneakers and light enough to aid movement.

All these tips mentioned above must be considered duly if you want to enjoy your golf play. Golf as a sport on a professional level fetches you more income and also enlightens your mood. Gives you an opportunity to meet new people. And for those that play for recreation and fun, it helps to build your agility, strength and as a means of healthy living.

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