Wanderlei Silva ha apparently found a new home for his fists.

It was announced very recently that the Brazilian MMA legend has signed with Bare Knuckle FC and he already ha an opponent in mind. One that would settle an old score according to what he said to AG Fight.

I think I have finally found the perfect stage to settle all my beefs in the sport. You can only use your hands in bare knuckle boxing. I sent one of the promoters an audio clip, they’re offering quite the amount, an impressive amount of cash, more than what I’m making. I told them I really wanted to fight, but against a particular guy. I would accept if I could face Vitor Belfort. Bare knuckles, five two-minute rounds, only boxing. I want to see if he’s a man or if he’ll run. We found the right place to settle one of the sport’s oldest rivalries. What’s up, Vitor? Are you in or are you going to run?

Things could heat up and quickly. I can’t see Vitor just hearing this and brushing it off can you?

Keeping it real it might be hard for Belfort to turn down the chance to be monster TRTitor again in ONE Championship to fight in a fledgling organization.

Who knows.

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