Conor McGregor what are you doing?

You got trounced by Khabib Nurmagomedov, subbed by Nate Diaz, and TKO’d by Floyd Mayweather Jr all after talking major smack. The bus attack. The post UFC 229 Octagon brawl. It seems to go and on and we thought it couldn’t possibly get worse. We were wrong.

Earlier this year TMZ shared a very sad video of McGregor punching an old man in a bar reportedly because the guy didn’t like Conor’s Proper Twelve whiskey.

Not only did he embarrass himself by cheap shotting the senior citizen but the dude just stood there like a G after. Conor doesn’t think in situations like this and it has gotten him in to trouble in the past. It has again and he is apparently facing a judge soon and not another fighter in the UFC for big money. Looking back I bet he regrets this but then again it’s Conor so he probably blames the geezer.

Reports are saying he has to be in court on October 11th and could very well serve jail time.

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