If anyone doesn’t know what World of Warcraft is raise your hand. I’m guessing you don’t get out much if you don’t.

Let’s continue.

Henry Cavill reportedly once called for an early day because his WOW guild had an important raid to do in the game that evening. I have been at two magician conventions where the headliner had to leave a late night jam session to go play. I used to play. I had no life. I had to quit. It was an addiction.

I’m thinking about going back…

The latest video from Blizzard promoting the release of WOW classic features former UFC champion Ronda Rousey who – if you watched the previous video they released – plays as a Horde character. In it she hypes 15 years of angry video game nerds throwing keyboards across the room, moms trying to intervene, and PVP massacres of noobs.

Blizzard finally released the much requested original build of the game with hype not seen since Mr T was a night elf mohawk. Check out the video mentioned above featuring Rowdy holding a wicked axe.

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