CM Punk rumor report #3,798,243. According to pro wrestling insider Dave Meltzer hell might freeze over. Kind of…

In his Wrestling Observer Newsletter he reports that CM Punk real name Phil Brooks might, we repeat might work on something connected with WWE. The world’s leading sports entertainment company has a programming agreement with Fox TV where SmackDown Live, which currently airs Tuesday nights on USA Network, will begin airing in October of this year. This means that much like the UFC there will be companion shows which likely include analysts and guests.

Enter CM Punk.

The Creative Artists Agency (CAA), Punk’s rep, reportedly had an agent reach out to Fox about him potentially being one of the co-hosts of the upcoming WWE in-studio talk which will air on FS1. In this deal CM Punk would be working directly for Fox and not WWE but FS1 has yet to show interest in negotiating.

We are guessing WWE might go mental if it happens but knowing Vince McMahon it will be spun as his idea all along.

WWE’s Renee Young is reportedly the host of the show and seeing her interact with a post UFC Punk would be interesting. Why? Because this time Punk wouldn’t have to be as positive about WWE since he isn’t on their payroll. Then again…would Fox hinder his venom?

Your guess is as good as ours.

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