WWE is known for the rich wrestling history that it provides its fans via their network. Throughout time professional wrestlers have made a name for themselves by displaying shocking moves in an aim to defeat their opponents. These horrific ideas have received critics in equal measure. However, this has not barred them from being popular among fans. Here are some of the fantastic WWE ideas that became popular, leaving fans and critics with awe and shock.

1. Umaga’s Samoan Drop

Over the years some wrestlers have insisted that they are monsters. Nonetheless, one has exceeded them all. Umaga displayed manoeuvres with blazing accuracy, which made his onslaught almost impossible to escape. His unspeakable wrestling technique was impressive, thus gaining popularity. He would toss his prey high in the air and with nowhere to go, they would hardly have any time to land before the 340 pounders were snapping back into the thick canvas. Ouch! His outrageous ideas proved that monsters are real.

2. R-Truth’s confused persona

R-Truth didn’t display much in his initial WWE run during the early 2000s. He made a comeback to the company years later after a fantastic stint in TNA. However, he turned into a jobber, with nothing useful for him on the main roster. He was very bold to display a weird side of himself. In the following segments, we would see him act like a crazy person who needed psychiatric help. This shocking persona became a massive hit among fans.  

3. Arn Anderson’s spine buster

This is another fantastic idea that fans can identify with. Nobody threw a spine buster like Anderson. He managed to snatch up a rebounding opponent’s legs, spin around and viciously slam them into the canvas in one seamless motion. What made his move rather inhumane was that he could hit it out of nowhere. The grappler had no distinct move that could give away his next step. Before you know it, his opponent requires a chiropractor, the match is over, and fans are in awe of how easy Arn made the entire process seem. During betting in sites such as prediksi sgp, one would stake a bet this professional wrestler and emerge victoriously.

4. Christian’s kill switch

It takes a very bold and unusual determination to pull off a kill switch move. Christian has perfected the art of delivering a devastating attack and make it look cool. In a situation where Captain Charisma is efficient, the agility of the kill switch holds an extraordinary beauty that other few match-ending techniques can equal.  

This violent move traces its origin in the Tomikaze, a distinct attack which tag team expert Tommy Rogers prefer. In as much as the likes of Nunzio and Billy Kidman have used this move, it truly belongs to Christian- mike murphy

5. Conclusion

Professional wrestlers are known to display their outrageous techniques to wow their fans. Without a unique idea, a wrestler can become on the receiving end of a lot of booing from fans. As a punter who enjoys wrestling, you can place a bet using prediksi sgp on iconic events such as WrestleMania. During this time, wrestlers display their notorious moves, and you can certainly bet on who is most likely to emerge a winner.

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