Watching wrestling is fun and worth passing the time. But you certainly can’t miss noticing the most handsome and hottest wrestlers when they come to the ring. Not unless you are blind or not keen into wrestling. Below we compile some of the hottest WWE performers from the present as well as the past

1. Randy Orton

One handsome fellow that you can’t fail to recognize Randy Orton. To add-on this, he is a 3rd generation professional wrestler after his legendary grandfather as well as father, Bob Orton. His reputation precedes him; he became the youngest heavyweight champion in the history of WWE at the age of 24. He later made his parents proud by being a 14-time champion. How awesome is that! However, he has a few bad reputations including being discharged from the military due to lousy conduct after going AWOL two times. WWE suspended him for unprofessional conduct after disrespecting and physically assaulting several WWE Hall of Famers such as Hulk Hogan and Harley Race. He has also been suspended due to drug use.

2. Magnum Terry Allen

This handsome young gent is one of the most decorated professional wrestlers in WWE history. He has a vivid distinction as the 1st grand slam winner having achieved all four belts. He is the most athletic as well as open story-teller in the wrestling industry. He has won the pro wrestling 11 times.

3. Kevin Nash

Here is another handsome professional wrestler who can’t miss on this list of hottest WWE performers. He has won many titles including the WWE triple-crown, Slammy Award, MVP, as well as Best Tag Team awards with Shawn Michaels. Nash has won 21 championships in his wrestling career. However, he would leverage his persona into creating successful films like playing the role of Shredder in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle 2, Tarzan in Magic Mike as well as the Secret of the Ooze.

4. Rick Rude

Rick had a tasty fashion sense as well as detailed air-brushed tight that he put on during wrestling matches. He also had a specific trademark of inviting a random woman to make out with him after he emerged victorious in any game. He played mind games by having an image of his rival’s wife stenciled on the front of his tights. However, this didn’t end well for him, Jake Roberts charged into the ring, stripped him naked.  

5. Roman Reigns

He has good looks, thus making him appear among the hottest wrestling performers. Reigns have won Slammy Award and the Most Overrated Wrestler. He has turned into a star as a WrestleMania performer and has exceeded expectations of many. He has a compelling performance, and one can become tempted to place a bet on him via sbobet betting site. He is half Italian as well as half Samoan with a persona that’s ambient and displays confidence and quiet strength. This pretty boy is sadly off the market, as he is already married and blessed with a beautiful girl.


There are many pretty, sexy, and hot wrestling performers. However, we narrowed the list to a few hottest WWE performers and some of their track records. While betting on your favorite wrestler choose sites such as sbobet to emerge victorious with top wrestling performers.

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